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Own resources; Advanced Bionics; Cochlear
IWT Baekeland grant 090287 (Flemish Institute for Innovation through Science and Technology)
EC-7FP-Marie Curie HEARING MINDS 324401
EC-H2020-SMEINST FOX-IT 735134 

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The fitting of cochlear implants is a tedious job requiring very specific skills and competences.  It is difficult to find expert audiologists who are familiar with the different implants, their fitting software and their electrical specifications.  In addition due to the craftsmanship involved, each fitter has his/her own particular way of doing this, which leads to an important variability between different fitters.  It is difficult to establish the validity and reliability of all the fitting procedures encountered.  Routine fitting procedures use to be so laborious that no time is left for the in depth assessment of the performance, let alone for the feedback of such an assessment to modify the fitting.  To overcome this issue, it is essential to automate the entire procedure and to turn it into a simple and quick expert driven and outcome based procedure. Present State Fox® is the first fitting assistant that helps the audiologist in programming cochlear implants.  Fox is outcome driven and expert based.  Fox® improves the outcome instantaneously and enhances the safety of programming while reducing the programming time substantially.  Fox® can read and write directly to most fitting software of the cochlear implant companies.   Fox® is developed by Otoconsult™, a medical software company , expert in user-driven software and committed to developing and supporting audiological application software for the audiologist and the ENT practitioner.


See also Otoconsult Opti-Fox



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De oorgroep is actief betrokken bij de R&D van Otoconsult. Het gaat om onderzoek en ontwikkeling van medische software en hardware. Zo werkt de oorgroep actief mee aan de wereldwijde kwaliteitsverbetering van de klinische otologie en audiologie.

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Cochleaire Implantatie

De oorgroep is internationaal leidinggevend in cochleaire implantatie, cochleaire en andere oorimplantaten. Selectie, implantatie, afregeling van het 'cochleair implantaat', research en ontwikkeling. Maak gerust een afspraak voor al uw vragen.

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